Chow Residence

Residential Project
Private Residence

Manhattan Hill, Mei Foo, Kowloon

Design Style
Modern Harmony

Project Area
540 SQ. FT.

Completion Date


Samuel Lee



Interiors Digest - Smart Decor


Hong Kong Mei Foo Small Apartment:

Tackle two generations of family members expectation by consistency harmony color materials and space planning design

Small apartments have seen a rise in popularity across the world, with many finding it a great solution to rising real estate and living costs. The fact that it helps reduce the overall carbon footprint have also made these houses more attractive, especially Hong Kong overall high-density housing environment. With the growth in these apartments and small flats, many have wondered if it would be a right fit for them, especially as a couple or small family. Hong Kong based interior design firm ENNE answers that by showcasing how a small apartment can be designed to suit multiple end-users to fulfil their different kinds of expectation in living space.

Designed for three family members, a son and elder couples named as Chow’s Residence. Chow’s Residence rests on a space of 540-square-foot, it located high-rise residential building in Mei Foo district of Kowloon in Hong Kong named as Manhattan Hill. As the family members had a fondness for the Japanese design aesthetic, this style was chosen for the apartment. Being a style that prefers functionality and minimalism, it also works well as a choice for the small apartment. A light Oak beige colored wood with matt finish surface was chosen as the primary material for the design as it reflects more light throughout the space, making it appear larger and more open. The shade of Oak beige colored wood along with carefully chosen lighting add a warm feeling to the home and link up with balcony Seaview.


The apartment opens into a living room with a design that features a simple sofa and a wall cabinet for the television. Here, the wall behind the television is given focus by creating a grooved wall that provides a difference in texture and a crafted look. The dining room is located adjacent to the living and uses chic furniture with tapered legs to allow light to pass through the space. Full height storage units disappear into the wall next to the dining table, with grooves for handles, creating a design that doesn’t utilise much space. The master bedroom design fits in a large double bed alongside a wardrobe for elder couples, while the son bedroom allows space for a study and wall shelves along with a single wardrobe. Extra storage is provided in both bedrooms by utilising the space under the beds. The grooved design is continued on the master bedroom wall to add to the cosiness of the room. A minimalist yet luxurious look is created in the bathroom by mixing cream color Terrazzo tile surfaces with glossy black finishes. The glossy finish along with the mirror creates the impression of a larger bathroom space while also keeping it easy to clean and tidy. The small kitchen space is made good use of through a compact L-shaped design that fits in all the kitchen appliances, while also providing space for a washing machine under the counter.


The Chow’s Residence was designed to ensure that it fits all the needs of the family through creative and innovative use of space. The personality of the family was made to shine through in the warm aesthetic of the design which provides them with a harmonious and peaceful retreat to look forward to after a long day.

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