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ENNE, A brand name reflects the founder’s Ronnie Chan and Enoch Kwan design philosophy – Commitment of enhancement, Enjoyable of interior space and Tailor-made the individual lifestyle combined with a human-centred design mindset.

Nowadays, the user's perception of the interior design is exceeding the fulfilment of traditional fit-out works. Followed blindly of achieving luxurious and high-end interior design ambience were being out of fashion. ENNE concentrated the human-centred design to customized interior space for individual needs is being a new era for the interior living environment.

Dream Ticket Workshop Limited (ENNE) was established in 2017, specializing in residential and commercial interior design projects. In ENNE, we believe design value inspires lifestyle to create experiences as a joyful journey, insert sensations value with people interaction and focus on the simplicity of the form of spatial planning, lighting ambience, materials and sublime the details functionality. We strive to transform the innovative design ideas and merge into real life to enhance the quality of living and working environment.

In December 2018, ENNE is an Incubation Company under by Hong Kong Design Centre, the Hong Kong Design Incubation Programme (DIP)


We focus on your interior environment, no matter how complex it is.




Ronnie Chan has a strong passion and creativity in interior design. During his 18 years career experiences, mainly involved with Hong Kong properties developers for handling Residential Projects from initial design stage to completion including Luxury Sales Galleries, Show Flats, Show Houses, Clubhouse Design, Space Planning and Styling.

Inspired by Master Architect Le Corbusier’s quoted ‘Space and light and order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep.’ It inspired Ronnie to offer a comfortable design experience to satisfy the client's expectation in interior design and experienced their living or working environment same as breathing the fresh air.

Master of Arts in Design Management
Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Interior Design


Full Member of Hong Kong Designers Association


Graduated Design Incubation Company




Enoch Kwan believes design inspires living which is about creating experiences, destinations, sensations value to each interaction. His design focusing around simplicity in form, materials and sublime details with functionality.

During his practice for over 10 years, he has greatly involved in a wide range of sectors including Retail shops, Show flats, Luxury Apartments, Hospitality and Serviced Apartments. In 2016, one of his signature project Private Music Studio was awarded Silver Award by Design for Asia Awards and Certificate of Excellence by A&D Trophy Awards.

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