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A younger daughter decided to renovate the aged messy space to enhance the spacious and harmony living space for retired elder family members.



Redesigning a small interior space for two generations of family members is always a challenge, as both younger and senior members are always in conflicts between themselves during the interior design discussion. In fact, it was given an opportunity for ENNE to focus on communication and transform their expectations in reality and find ideal solutions for their better living environment in future years.


‘’Storage, more storage and creating more storage space’’ are common client’s briefs due to less ideas for the space. Actually, we observed that - the wooden flooring was cracked, the window frame and hinges did not work probably, especially, the elderly member was sleeping in the living area for a long time. It is our first priority to make a difference for their living.




In this project, we made lots of huge changes. The flat's existing solid wall partitions were demolished and reorganized three single beds for daughter and elderly couples bedroom. Also, the re-layout two bedrooms were divided by full height furniture with a built-in wardrobe and raised storage platform. Moreover, designed a curved shape wall panel at the corridor to prevent the elderly being bumped at sharp corners at night time.

In fact, a full height TV cabinet and bookshelf were created to enlarge their storage space to store their favorite accessories displays. On the other hand, the materials finishes were chosen in light color tone - beige, light grey color wood veneer, flooring tiles and warm lighting color were applied for all living and rest areas. It creates an earth tone mood, natural, comfy and relaxing atmosphere surrounding the interior environment.


470 Sq. Ft.



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